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Discover the "Vinyasa" style of Yoga interacting with mini goats. In addition to the physical benefits of Yoga, it is mentally therapeutic, as well!

Mini-Goat Yoga Online Booking

Mini-Goat Yoga sessions are great not only for adults, but for children as well. Children age 5 years and older are welcome to join. They can sit on their yoga mats, try some yoga and play with the mini-goats during the session. For safety reasons, any children under the age of 5 are not able to attend classes.
GUEST POLICY: Anyone attending classes, whether participating or not, needs to book and pay for their attendance. Unpaid guests are not allowed at the session.

LATE POLICY: If a participant(s) is 15 minutes late for their scheduled class, their class timeslot will be canceled with no refunds for the no-shows. We keep our class time on a strict schedule and can not delay our class for people that are late.
During your yoga sessions with the mini-goats, you may be greeted by some of our other farm friends that reside at DLT Stables.
** Limited spots available per class, be sure to book your date early. ** 
Mini-Goat Yoga Flyer-Private Parties 001.jpg
Interested in hosting a private mini-goat yoga party with some of your best friends and family members? Reach out to DLT Stables and Bonnie today by e-mail at or by phone at (651) 730-6153 to discuss how you can schedule your own personal mini-goat yoga party.  
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